Office lease prices

In Vitus Bering Innovation Park offices can be customized to fit your needs whether you are a small start-up or a larger company with employees and space requirements.


VitusBering provides working spaces from about 14 sq.m to 120 sq.m office environments.

Work space

VitusBering’s work space includes a desk, chair and bookcase. The work space is located in a joint office community with other tenants among 4 – 10 slightly segregated desks. Our work spaces are intended for tenants who are often on the move and/or don’t want to be isolated in their own office.

Flex space

You gain access to VitusBering’s open office facilities and a flexible work space of your own choosing including 3 hours use of conference facilities per month.

Bering StartUp

Start-ups with ambitions can be a part of our incubator environment. You get a work place in the Bering StartUp office and become a part of the Bering StartUp community with access to business coaching. Tenancy no more than 18 months.

Office lease and prices May 2020

The amount of sq.m stated is solid volume (carpet sq.m). All prices are excl. VAT (value added tax)

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On account usage

VitusBering charges a service fee on account usage of electricity, water- and heat consumption. An annual calculation based on the spending total will be calculated and divided on separated tenancies with reference to size and rental period.

Rent includes:

  • Use of 10 meeting rooms with joint booking system and catering service as required.
  • Access to Vitus Bering Innovation Park and own tenancy 24 hours a day.
  • Access to cafeteria, kitchenettes, lounge- and work areas.
  • Access to library and book shop with office supplies.
  • Reception services like greeting your guests and receiving your mail.
  • Parking for your guests and clients.
  • Cleaning of common areas both inside and outdoors.
  • Internet connection (1Gb shared use up/down).
  • Access to printers and photocopier (user’s fee).

May 2020




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