Professional clusters

Become part of a leading network of professional clusters

The newest knowledge and expertise within integrated energy design, e-mobility, IT and venture capital come together in Vitus Bering Innovation Park in knowledge environments, where you have the opportunity to network with leading industry consultancies and business professionals.

At Vitus Bering Innovation Park, we create the perfect setting for collaboration and development between the professional clusters and the approx. 40 companies in the park. In order to do so, we host numerous business venues where networking, knowledge sharing and innovation is encouraged.

Benefits from being part of Vitus Bering Innovation Park’s cluster environment:

  • You have access to leading knowledge within integrated energy solutions, renovation of buildings, geo energy, solar power, E-mobility, IT and venture capital
  • You have access to a professional network with the possibility to establish future partnerships
  • You join a strong professional environment with many years of experience
  • You have access to research and development within different professional environments
  • You have access to fully equipped innovation labs

Integrated energy design

Be part of optimizing today’s energy solutionsVBI_solceller

Based on close collaboration between VIA’s Center for Applied Research and Development in Building, Energy and Environment, the consultancy firm Insero Energy and national as well as international networks, the newest knowledge within the area of optimization of the collective power supply system and construction advisory is developed in Vitus Bering Innovation Park. Through living labs, research, development- and collaboration projects, education and advisory, the knowledge environment of integrated energy design in Vitus Bering Innovation Park aims at contributing to the developing of end-to-end energy solutions.


Stay tuned with the newest IT trendsIT - Professional clusters

At Vitus Bering Innovation Park, you can become part of a professional cluster of IT companies, that give you access to the newest knowledge and trends within the IT sector. For instance, you can spar with innovative software companies and IT consultants. Furthermore, you can keep up with the newest trends within the IT sector through events and articles published on our web portal so you have access to leading knowledge within IT trends.

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Venture and capital

Meet professional consultants who specialise in getting ideas to marketForside - Forretningsudvikling

At Vitus Bering Innovation Park, you find leading consultancies and venture companies who offer specialized knowledge and consultancy within innovation, business development and capital and fundraising. Here, you can spar with professionals who can help you clarify how to get your idea to the market, give advice on fundraising and perhaps even help you get your idea financed.

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