Access to research & knowledge

Get new knowledge, inspiration and collaborate with dedicated students in internships 

In Vitus Bering Innovation Park, companies live alongside VIA University College – The university not only offers a number of engineering- and commercial study programmes relevant to entrepreneurs, but also undertakes a number of research- and development activities, giving you access to the latest findings and newest knowledge within areas such as global business engineering, value chain management, entrepreneurship etc.

Even more so, you have an opportunity to collaborate with dedicated students who are looking to get hands on experience.

Examples of ways to collaborate with students

  • Participation in research- and development projects
  • Internships
  • Student jobs
  • Projects with students

More than 2,000 of the 4,000 students at VIA University College are international students who possess unique knowledge of foreign cultures and languages.

VIA’s Career Service Centre helps create and organise the contact with students.

The BusinessHorsens matchmaker

Morten Muriel Olsen, the matchmaker in BusinessHorsens, assists the local business sector in recruiting staff or interns among the students in VIA University College. An internship is a collaboration where both parties profit – both student and company gain an advantage.

BusinessHorsens is a resident in VitusBering. You can meet Morten daily for a casual talk about internships or new staff.

Relevant programmes at Campus Horsens

Global Business Engineering
Global Business Engineering is a professional Bachelor of Engineering taught in English. The main focus is on natural science and technic combined with economy, commercial courses as well as language and culture. This is a 4 ½ year programme.

ICT Engineering
ICT Engineering is a 3 ½ year programme taught in English with specialization in enterprise engineering, web engineering or embedded engineering. The programme is very project oriented and allows the students to gain both national and international commercial qualifications.

International Sales and Marketing Management
International Sales and Marketing Management is a 3 ½ year programme taught in English. The main focus is on strategic business and business models, relationship marketing, sales and sales management, product and customers management as well as business management and innovation.

Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering is a 3 ½ year programme taught in English or Danish with specializations within innovation and product design, intelligent mechanics and systems and sustainable energy. The programme is commercial- and project oriented.

Value Chain Management
Value Chain Management is a 3 ½ year Bachelor programme focusing on supply chain management, change management and project management.