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Kontormiljø beskåretoffices that accommodate your needs

We can customize the office facilities in Vitus Bering Innovation Park to your company’s specific needs. Whether you are a newly established entrepreneur with little need for space, a large company looking for a customized office environment, or just need an office for a limited project-period, we provide the settings.

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…start help for startupsBering-StartUp vi tilbyder

Bering StartUp offers you a workspace where you receive competent counselling and a number of tools from experienced mentors, so you can develop your business. As part of Bering StartUp, you will go through a business coaching course which is planned individually based on your company’s needs and potentials, giving you the opportunity to map the potential of your business.

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Meeting rooms…top-class meeting rooms for the benefit of your business!

The meeting facilities are designed to accommodate your needs, which is why we offer meeting rooms in many different sizes. You can rent a meeting room, even if you are not renting an office at Vitus Bering Innovation Park. 

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Innovation1…the perfect setting for networking with leading professionals

When renting an office at Vitus Bering Innovation Park, you become part of a network with leading industry consultancies and business professionals within integrated energy design, e-mobility, IT and venture capital.

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Meetings and events…access to events that boost your business

At Vitus Bering Innovation Park you will find many events – all of which give you the opportunity to acquire new knowledge that benefits your business, meet new business partners, customers and perhaps even employees.

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Access to research and knowledge…access to new research and knowledge that can inspire your business

As neighbor to one of Denmark’s largest universities and business colleges, you have access to research and development activities – giving you access to the latest findings within many different entrepreneurial areas as well as collaboration opportunities.

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International environment…a business environment with a global outlook

If you have a global outlook, Vitus Bering Innovation Park is the place to be. Here, you become part of a highly international environment, where you have access to international networks and the newest knowledge within global business development.

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…access to Makerspace and innovation labs where you can test your ideas

We offer facilities where you can put theory into practice and test your ideas.

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Consultancy…consultancy that can help you fund your business idea

At Vitus Bering Innovation Park you will find consultancies that specialize in venture funding, writing funding applications and developing your business idea.

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