Vitus Bering Innovation Park

Vitus Bering Innovation Park provides the perfect setting for innovative oriented companies and entrepreneurs to develop ideas into successful businesses.

Vitus Bering Innovation Park is more than just an office community. Good office facilities and informal networks for new companies are offered many places. However, at VitusBering you get more than that. We believe that active consulting, sparring and access to the right partnerships are crucial for a small business to take the next step and create growth – also internationally. Our skilled innovation team has experience with both innovation and business development. Maybe you need venture capital? Maybe you need to clarify, whether you should bring your own product to market or maybe team up with others? Maybe you need to clarify, what the next step is for your company? We help you mature your project idea and provide you with the guidance necessary for your business to get to the next step.

VitusBering is established by VIA University College and Insero, who both actively contribute to the unique development environment in VitusBering, where innovation, business and education meet. The expertise of VIA University College gives access to intern and project collaborations with students, mutual development in laboratories and workshops, postgraduate courses, further education and a network of international contacts. Insero Horsens contributes with skilled innovation teams, concept development and mentor programs as well as knowledge of venture capital and financing. Besides that, Insero is also an active investor in several of the companies of the park.

In VitusBering creative geeks and corporate suits meet, because this is where ideas turn into business.

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