Interior solutions that fit the future

Vasutia is the name of a young startup with futuristic ambitions who wants to innovate how we think furniture in the future, combining technology with modern furniture. Also, Vasutia is one of the latest additions to the startup community, Bering StartUp, in Vitus Bering Innovation Park.

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In many ways, technology makes our lives easier – but how much easier could it be, if technology is in fact integrated into our furniture? Vasutia, one of the latest startups to join Bering StartUp, produce tech-furniture which allows greater functionality in our homes.

Functionality, design and sustainability

The idea behind the fusion of technology and furniture arose in 2014, in 2016 the company was established and in 2017 Vasutia moved into Bering StartUp from where the vision is now pursued.

 “We focus on functionality, design and sustainability. We want to create higher functionality by integrating technology with furniture that fit with modern homes – both design and choice of materials are therefore important when we create our interior solutions,” says Ioan Vasut, CEO and founder of Vasutia.

Networking and business development

As a newly founded startup, you not only need an office and an address, but someone to consult with and connect you to the right people. That is why Vasutia chose to become part of the community for startups, Bering StartUp, in Vitus Bering Innovation Park.

“The networking is incredible – Bering StartUp help us get in contact with people that have the competencies the company needs and help us on the business side as well. They help us develop our vision and strategy,” explains Ioan Vasut.  

As a member of Bering StartUp, you can consult with business coaches whose sole purpose is to help startups succeed. One of the benefits is that you get day-to-day support and coaching whenever the need arises.

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First product on market soon

Soon, you will be able to experience the company’s first prototype, which Ioan Vasut expects to be ready for pre-order in fall 2017. Developing an innovative product from scratch can be challenging, which in some ways took Ioan Vasut by surprise:

“I thought it would be easier to develop the product, but it is quite complicated. It is a completely new idea and therefore difficult to draw on others’ experiences,” says Ion Vasut who further states; “Despite the challenges, the product which we have developed, is even better than what I imagined it to be back in 2014.”

Developing a new business based on a new idea is a learning process, and one thing many startups learn along the way is, how important it is to focus and make choices. What is Vasutia’s focus? Well, when asked where the company will be in one year, the answer was clear:

“In one year, we will be selling the product.”

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