“Happy Days” in VitusBering

We continue our decorating frenzy in VitusBering. This time we are inspired by the American diner culture and the result is a cosy corner on the 5th floor. Use the diner for an informal meeting or a comfortable coffee break. 

During our 5 years with Vitus Bering Innovation Park we have been made aware of some of the challenges in the building. The panopticon from the bottom to the top floor makes a strong impression on visiters as well as residents. It is a daily pleasure and inspiration to be able to enjoy the busy life of students and residents from the stairs and corridors. The unobstructed view to every floor makes the 6 storey high building come to life. ???????????????????????????????

Even though the visual impression is amazing, the acoustics can be a problem when the house is crowded. We want to encourage our residents to not to barricade in their office to get some quiet time. Instead we want our residents to use our retreats like the diner on the 5th floor.

The sofas are designed to isolate the noise around you, shielding you from the disturbance from the rest of the house. This design makes it possible for you to enjoy a quiet conversation, a telephone meeting, a coffee break or an informal meeting. You may already know the acoustic furniture from our café “Café4eren” on the 4th floor, or from the “couch house” next to the reception.

So please feel free enjoy the American atmosphere, the bright colors and the cheerful metal signs.

See you in the diner!