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Innovative companies often need advisory, network and perhaps even funding to progress. In Vitus Bering Innovation Park, you will find consultants with an overall view of your business opportunities, but also specialized consultants within specific areas.

In addition, the park houses a number of companies who are experts within a wide range of disciplines, including organisational development and patent advice.

Learn more about the consultancy services in Vitus Bering Innovation Park:

Business Horsens

Business Horsens can help you navigate through a jungle of business opportunities and refer to relevant business development centres. Business Horsens is an independent member organisation boosting innovation and growth among their 670 members localised to Horsens. Here you can get down-to-earth advice with a complete team of business-oriented consultants ready for immediate consultancy and mentoring.

Contact Business Horsens if you want to learn more.

Insero Business Services

Insero Business Services is a consultancy and service company that targets companies and entrepreneurs within energy- and communication technology. Insero Business Services is specialized in business related services within project development, fundraising, project management, business development and dissemination.

Contact Insero Business Services to learn more about your fundraising opportunities.


IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre is a competence centre for entrepreneurs, innovation and creativity at the University of Southern Denmark. IDEA offers courses, development programmes, tools and inspiration within the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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