Electric mobility, e-mobility, can include many things and is not only electric vehicles. Also two-wheeled and tree-wheeled transportation, heavier transportation, naval vessels and industrial vehicles can operate on electricity – partially or completely.

In Denmark there are great business opportunities within this expanding field of e-mobility due to many years of national focus on climate-friendly energy. The Danish potential is especially great as a supplier on the green energy market – something Vitus Bering Innovation Park would like to support by creating the perfect settings for collaboration and development.

In Vitus Bering Innovation Park you will find the leading consultancy firm and driving force behind Denmark’s business cluster within e-mobility, Insero E-Mobility. The companies ECOmove and ECTunes, both developing, producing and delivering components to the industry and residing in Vitus Bering Innovation Park, have also gained important experience within the field of e-mobility.

Meet the companies:

What will YOUR company get out of being located in Vitus Bering Innovation Park?

As a resident in the park your company will have access to:

  • Leading industry consultancy
  • Denmark’s business cluster within e-mobility
  • Future project- and business partners
  • Many years of experience from the industry
  • First-mover companies with qualifications within
    design and technology