Oversigt over parkerings restriktioner.


As an occupant and visitor in Vitus Bering Innovation Park you can find several parking spaces around the building.

Visitors of the park can find a special car park for visitors in the red zones including 3 disability parking spaces.

If your errand in Vitus Bering Innovation Park is less than 1 hour’s duration, just remember to adjust your parking disc.

Parking for more than 1 hour in the visitor’s car park requires a registration of your car’s license plate. The reception in Vitus Bering Innovation Park will help you.

Only the following are allowed to park in the green zone:

– Staff of companies in Vitus Bering Innovation Park
– VIA University College staff
– VIA University College course participants

Parking in the yellow zones must be in the marked up spaces, while parking in the grey zones is unrestricted. Yellow and grey zones do not require license plate registration.

The parking area is under surveillance by the car park attendants Parkeringsgruppen from 8 am to 12 am Monday to Friday. After 12 am parking is unrestricted.

Parkeringsgruppen will issue fines for violation of the parking regulations. VIA University College and Vitus Bering Innovation Park do not take any responsibility for such fines.