Breakfast Club in Engineering Lab

What is Insero’s Engineering Lab? In short: “Practical solutions for practital challenges.” The official mission is to be a national ressource centre for engineering didactics and to boost the use of technologies in education in general.” Anders Pagh from Insero Education was our Breakfast Club host this Friday. 


The technology playground is open for everyone

The primary schools are in focus. Often the creativity is neglected in the top classes and the focus on traditional book learning is all-consuming. The aim of Engineering Lab is to give the primary schools the qualifications and the tools to engage in technology in all subjects. In time this effort will contribute to new technical school students, providing the job market with a technical skilled workforce.

STEAM – in top of the class

Engineering Lab is based on the STEAM-model, putting several professional skills in play. The new thing about STEAM are the sections “Engineering” and “Arts”. The engineering section involves action and product development and the art section is creation of ideas and innovative thinking. The “Science” part is traditionally “too much book learning – too little action”, an outdated way of assimilating technical knowledge which Engineering Lab dissociates themselves from.


Primary schools – a nesting box for future technicians

The subject “crafts and designs” from 4th to 6th grade is a potential open door for Engineering Lab, with an opportunity to develop a permanent programme for primal schools.

The girls are a quite special challenge. When given a choice in optional instructions the attendance of girls is very low. The latest optional workshop in the lab only had one girl in a group of twenty students. This problem is an item on the future’s to-do list.

Who wants to learn?

Where is the demand for this technical knowledge? The customers are schools, local governments/cities or informal learning environments like museums. The schools need workshops for students, but also competence development for the teachers. As a customer you sign a three-year period contract in which you plan an aim and a common measure. Engineering Lab was launched in summer 2016 and expects to be 100% self-financing in a couple of years.