Becoming DataWise

Interview with owner of DataWise Claus Kirkegaard Clausen

After several years in the industry and much reconsideration of the name of the company, Claus experienced some major shifts in the fall 2013. More employees and new initiatives called for a new name; DataWise saw the light of the day, and the company has now become a complete team of consultants, ready for more challenges.  

Datawise kreativt møde

One of DataWise’s creative meetings in the hallways of Vitus Bering Innovation Park.

DataWise is a consultant company within Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Among other things, their focus is on companies which sell and buy energy.

We can see a shift in the surroundings, and we can see a rise in demand for our services, says Claus and continues: “Actually, we started out making smaller and cheaper solutions that were targeted smaller companies, in that way, our solutions become more flexible. However, the funny thing is that most of our clients are actually large companies!

Falck is one of the large companies mentioned by Claus. DataWise is collaborating with Falck on a big project which has been running over the past five years, and it is still developing. A long-term time frame is typical of DataWise:

Normally, our projects with our clients last about a year which gives greater understanding and creates better solutions, Claus explains.

As the demand has risen, it has been necessary for Claus to hire more people. From being a one-man business to being five employees; 3 full time (incl. Claus) and 2 students, who work part time. A big change for Claus has been to hire marketing managers:

They remind me that I have to remember to brand and market myself so that others know that DataWise exists and what the company can offer!

Claus faced a big decision when he had to choose whether he was going to have an employee to take care of the marketing, or whether an external company should manage the marketing. However, he chose the first option and in that connection the network in Vitus Bering Innovation Park became a great help.

I have chosen to hire newly graduated people from VIA, because they are very skilled, and because I am able to shape them little which can be an advantage. Also, they bring the newest knowledge and freshest thoughts to the table when they have just graduated,” explains Claus.

When Claus was to hire the first employee, Business Horsens was a great help;

I have really gained a lot of tools from sparing with them! They have both helped me find employees and getting DataWise to grow. It has definitely been useful to be a member in BusinessHorsens.

Both the professional and social network that is present in VBI Park has given DataWise and Claus a lot of good and irreplaceable inputs.

An example of this is when you feel you are a little crazy, because you go to work on a Saturday night, and you do it, simply, because you can’t help yourself. Right there, it is nice to meet others who are on the same page – also working, because they can’t help themselves! Then you feel like you are part of something instead of just being ‘the weird guy’, states Claus with a small grin on his face and elaborates: sitting in a house with a lot of other entrepreneurs establishes a really good network, and gives you the opportunity to speak with others in the same situation as yourself.

Read more about DataWise here. (Only available in Danish)