Business innovation with a global outlook – In Vitus Bering Innovation Park, you have access to global competencies and an international environment

When staying in Vitus Bering Innovation Park, you find yourself in an international environment where you have access to the newest knowledge within global business development, international networks and a professional and international study environment full of dedicated students and teachers who work within the field of global business.

Experts that strengthen your global business opportunities

The international research center, Centre for applied Research and Development on Business Globalisation, works exclusively to strengthen Danish companies’ global opportunities. Here, experts are ready to help you in every step of the globalisation process – from development and optimisation of the value chain and globalisation strategy to international sales and marketing and intercultural collaboration.

Learn more on how you can strengthen your global opportunities in Vitus Bering Innovation Park

Access to an international environment

VIA University College, which is an integral part of Vitus Bering Innovation Park, has undertaken an internationalisation of their programmes, resulting in a highly professional and international study environment. Each semester, more than 2000 international students are studying at VIA Campus Horsens. These students are important assets for the companies in the park.

Also, Vitus Bering Innovation Park aims at establishing international networks and knowledge sharing by facilitating international events, conferences and workshops with focus on export, intercultural collaboration etc.

Renting an office at Vitus Bering Innovation Park gives you the following global benefits:

  • Access to the newest knowledge in the field of global business development
  • Contact with experts who work solely to increase your possibilities for success on the global market
  • Connections to Chengdu in China, the sister city of Horsens where VIA and Business Horsens share an office in the Hi Tech Zone
  • Possibility of participating in conferences, workshops and information meetings focusing on export, international collaborations and culture
  • International project and business partners
  • Internships and project opportunities with students