Reaching for the million

The presenters of Breakfast Club Friday the 2nd of May were two students, Rainar and Kiran, from the non-profit organisation Project “1 Million”. The aim is to collect 1 million bottles and donate the deposit to charity organisations.

Started as a project under the company Big Head, Project “1Million” is a non-profit organisation run by four students, Rainar, Kiran, Jan Martin and Kristofer Carta. Project “1Million” has been so successful that it has outgrown the starting company Big Head, and for now the focus is Project1Million.

In the fall 2013 the project won the “Vækstspringer” award and got a fourth place in the “Idea Award”. With the award came 10 000 kr., which has been used to cover any costs related to the expansion of the project. Furthermore they have gotten funds to upgrade the containers to the black bottles that you probably all have seen around here in the VBI Park or at Campus. The aim is to spread the bottles to all of the VIA campuses and more educational institutions, such as Aarhus University and High schools. Together with Horsens Municipality the founders has gotten the permission to put up the collection bottles around town and at the concert itself, when Metallica visits Horsens on the 3rd of June.



The project is now ready for their first donation, which is going to Skejby Hospital, via the charity organisation Motorsports for Life. In the future the team is working on how to incorporate people in which organisations should receive the donations.

As it is a non-profit project, the team is looking for sponsors to help them expand. The new bottles have room for logos, so the sponsors will get their name/brand on the bottles itself in return for the sponsorship. The founders are hoping to keep the project as a student organisation, so the aim will never be to make money – only to keep the project running. By keeping it as a student organisation the two also hope that other students will gain knowledge in running a project, just as they have themselves.

Read more about Project “1Million” here. If you have any questions or want to help the project further please feel free to contact