Privacy and Cookie Policy

1. Owner information

This website is owned by:

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2. Cookies

A cookie is a small text file, which is stored in your browser in order to recognize your computer when you visit the website again. Almost all websites use cookies today. A cookie can contain text, numbers such as dates, but there is no personal information stored in our cookies. A cookie is not a program and cannot contain a virus.

When you visit, you are automatically receiving one or more cookies.

2.1 For how much time are the cookies stored?

Cookies life can vary. Some cookies disappear just after you close the browser window, while others can exist for a couple of years. Many suppliers of online software use cookies for 12 or 24 months. Note that the life of a cookie is prolonged after each time you visit the website.

You can at any time remove cookies from your computer.

2.2 This is how you delete cookies

If you don`t want to receive cookies, you can follow a tutorial on how – completely or partially – to avoid having cookies stored in your hard disk in the future.

This is how you delete cookies.

2.3 What do we use cookies for in our website?

Purpose of usage of cookies
Internal/1st party cookies
External / 3rd party cookies
Traffic measurement(Google Analytics):

  • Cookie name “_utmc” expires automatically, when the session ends. “_utmb” waits for 30 minutes, after which it also expires. Both cookies are used to calculate for how long time a visitor has stayed on the site.
  • Cookie name “_utma” expires in two years. This cookie holds information about how many times a visitor has visited the website, when the first and last times were when the visitor has been on the website. This cookie does not keep personal information.
  • Cookie navn “_utmz” udløber om 182 dage. Den holder rede på, hvor den besøgende kom fra (f.eks. hvilken søgemaskine der blev brugt, osv). Disse oplysninger hjælper os til at forbedre hjemmesidens brugervenlighed.
Yes No
Social media

  • Cookie names “lps”, “pss” and “c_id” are used by our plugin Shareaholic, which sets the social media buttons at the bottom of the pages. These cookies expire automatically, when the session ends.
No Yes
Technical functionality

  • Cookie name “uuid” makes it possible for the web page to distinguish between different browsers and devices. It expires in 90 days.
No Yes
Technical functionality

  • Cookie name “_icl_current_language” keeps visitors` language settings and expires in 24 hours. It is applied by our plugin WPML Multilingual CMS.
Yes No

2.4. Google Analytics

This website uses cookies from Google Analytics in order to measure the traffic, adjust the content to our visitors` needs and guarantee an improved user experience. You can always block cookies from Google Analytics (read more here:, but since some of the function on our website are dependant on cookies, we would advice you against blocking cookies.

3. Usage of personal information

We never collect personal information, unless you give such information by your own (for example by filling our contact box and sending us a message). Here typically we collect information such as the name of the person and his e-mail. No personal data is given or sold to third parties.