Strengthen your global opportunities

At Vitus Bering Innovation Park, you find experts that work solely to increase your chances for succes on the global market. The purpose of the Center for Globalisation is to strengthen Danish companies’ global opportunities – so, if you need anyone to consult with or you want access to the newest knowledge within the area, then the Center of Applied Research and Development in Business Globalisation is the place to turn to!  Globalization

A collaboration partner who works solely to strengthen your global opportunities almost sounds too good to be true, but that is actually what the Center for Applied Research and Development in Business Globalisation, located in Vitus Bering Innovation Park in Horsens, offers Danish companies. Here, you can get help in every step of the globalisation process – from development and optimization of the value chain and globalization strategy, to understanding and tips for international sales, marketing and intercultural cooperation. Even more so, the center is open for suggestions for new projects or problems that companies deal with. Here, the doors are always open, says Richard Lindquist, the Head of the center.

Focus on actual problems  

The main goal of the center is to strengthen the global opportunities of small to medium-sized companies and equip them to operate in the global market. In order to do so, the center continuously develops and communicates new knowledge, which in practice can contribute to enhancing the possibilities of SMVs on the global market. According to the Head of the center, Richard Lindquist, there are several opportunities for companies to make use of the center. For instance, you can participate in projects through the center, where you can get answers to questions or find solutions to current problems. Also, you can use the center as a partner to spar with throughout the internationalisation process, just as you can draw on the center’s updated and thorough knowledge about globalisation. The center has an extensive network and facilitates collaboration between public and private national, regional and international actors through new collaboration models. The center works closely together with existing companies and takes point of departure in the challenges that companies face here and now.

“Dialogue with companies is very important to us, because it is on the basis of their challenges that we find those problems that are worth researching in order to help Danish companies prepare for the global market. Therefore, the door is always open at the center, if you want to discuss an issue, get sparring, or be part of a development project,” says Richard Lindquist, Head of the Center for Applied Research and Development in Business Globalisation.

Participate in a research project and get access to new knowledge


The center focuses on developing new knowledge through research and development projects. Only by obtaining new knowledge, can the center advice, help, support and strengthen the competencies of Danish companies within globalization and contribute to the many possibilities that the global business environment provides. By participating in projects, companies are able to gain thorough insights into the internationalization process and develop actual solutions to the problems and challenges they stand before.

The projects are carried out in close collaboration with companies, and the subjects vary dependent on the needs of the business community. Sustainable business models, intercultural competences, in- and outsourcing as well as export opportunities for small and medium-sized companies are just some of the subjects such projects can touch upon.


See some of the latest projects the center has contributed to;  Fremtidens udfordringer for produktion i DanmarkGlobale virtuelle teams og sociale medier & Sparring til virksomheder med potentiale.

Knowledge that benefits companies 

The center for globalization works together with numerous companies and parties from both within and outside of Vitus Bering Innovation Park. Consequently, the center has access to knowledge and opportunities for collaboration, which any company who is considering going international would find useful. For instance, the project ‘Sustainability at SMV’s’ is researching how companies can incorporate sustainability into their business models. The companies that participate in the project among other things gain knowledge about CSR, obtain competencies in working with sustainability and strengthen their network. The project is expected to involve 40 companies.

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