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Join our numerous events, book our meeting facilities or make your own events, if you want to meet your business partners in a professional environment.044

In Vitus Bering Innovation Park, you will find a lot of activity, as companies from both inside and outside the park initiate numerous events. Here, you can participate in information meetings for entrepreneurs, conferences, courses, political debates, international competitions etc. All of which contribute to strengthen your business development and networking opportunities.

You have the opportunity to meet future business partners, customers and perhaps even employees, at the same time as you can acquire new knowledge that benefits your company.

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Top-class meeting rooms – for the benefit of you and your business connections!

Meeting roomsWhether you stay in Vitus Bering Innovation Park or not, you can make use of our top-class meeting rooms. The park is open around the clock, which means you can access the meeting facilities at all times.

The meeting facilities are designed to accommodate your needs, which is why we offer meeting rooms in different sizes.

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The price of renting a meeting room depends on the size of the meeting room, the number of hours you want to book it, and whether you are already renting an office at Vitus Bering Innovation Park.


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