Makerspace & Labs

Ideas should be tested in practice!

As a resident in VitusBering you have the benefit of gaining access to VIA’s new Makerspace, giving you an advantage when you need to test an idea or make a prototype.  With the focus of putting theory into practice we offer proffessional prototype- and lab facilities equipped with tools for woodworking, cloth, acrylic and metal processing. With 3D printers and -scanners, robot technologies, hot press, digitizer and a laser cutter you have a chance of fabricating your perfect prototype.

In order to gain access to Makerspace and use the instruments and tool kits, you need a licence to. Makerspace is open for lessons Mondays and Wednesdays. Contact Ulla Sparre for further information.

Our close collaboration with VIA University College which gives us access to a number of lab facilities in co-operation with teachers and researchers at VIA:

  • Engineering lab
  • ICT Lab with electronic meters, etc.
  • BIM Lab, Building Information Modelling
  • Business Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Student Entrepreneurship Centre promoting entrepreneurship
  • Design Lab
  • E-Learning Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Road Construction Lab
  • Energy Lab
  • Geo Lab
  • Idea Lab also known as “Idéværkstedet” for generating innovative ideas

Want to learn more about our Innovation Labs?

Receive a non-binding offer from Vitus Bering Innovation Park and learn more about your opportunities. Call the reception on Tel.: +45 87 55 43 43 for a non-binding meeting or offer.