Car sharing

In Vitus Bering Innovation Park, we offer access to car sharing right at the front door for VIA students and residents in the park.

With TADAA! car sharing, it is possible for the residents of the park as well as students at VIA to subscribe to an electric car. This means that you can access a car when you need it – and only pay for the time you use it.

As a member of TADAA! car sharing, you share cars with the other residents and students, and you will take turns using the cars according to when you have booked them. You always pick up and deliver the car at the same location – just outside Vitus Bering Innovation Park.

Sounds like something for you?

If you are interested in joining TADAA! car sharing, you can register at, where you choose ‘Horsens’ in the list of departments. There is also the possibility of creating a company agreement if more users are to be associated with the same profile and company billing is needed – in that case, please contact TADAA! directly at or at +45 41 200 700.

Read more at abd follow the latest launches at TADAA!’s facebook page. (both pages are in Danish)