iedIntegrated Energy Design

We wish to contribute with end-to-end energy solutions and are constantly aiming at becoming better in development projects, with customers and in close collaboration with education and knowledge centres. Our methods are Living Labs, research, development- and collaboration projects, education and advisory.

Some examples of development projects are:

Insero Live Lab – 25 families in Stenderup have had their homes opgraded with the latest technology within energy- and ICT – controlled via a Smart Grid.

HeatUp – the aim of the HeatUp project is to develop and test a cost-efficient heat pump adjusted for older buildings during summer time where there is a high supply-pipe temperature.

Sunwell – the main aim of the project is to use the soil as a battery for solar heat. The production of solar heating during the summer is both high and cheap however during this period the need for it is often low. On the other hand it is difficult to produce solar heating during the winter where the need is often higher.

Based on close collaborations between VIA University College’s research centre, the consultancy firm Insero Energy and national and international network there is a unique knowledge in the area of optimization of the collective power supply system and construction advisory in Vitus Bering Innovation Park.

Meet some of the existing companies and knowledge centres:

As an occupant of Vitus Bering Innovation Park your company will have close access to:

  • Leading knowledge within integrated energy solutions, renovation of buildings,
    geo energy and solar power
  • Future project- and business partners both national and international
  • A strong professional environment with many years of experience within energy solutions
  • Internships and project opportunities with students