Vitus Bering Innovation Park
Chr. M. Østergaards Vej 4a
DK-8700 Horsens

Tel:+45 8755 4343

PLEASE NOTE! Extension of measures during the COVID-19 outbreak in Denmark. The latest initiatives are extended at least for the period ending 13 April 2020 (Easter Monday). Vitus Bering Innovation Park will remain closed until 13 April. All events are cancelled.

You can contact the Vitus Bering team during reception opening hours (Monday to Thursday:  8.00 – 15.00 p.m. Friday: 8.00 – 13.00 p.m.) on Tel. 87 55 43 43 or

Take care. We will be back as soon as possible.

Official Danish corona virus updates: Information from the Danish authorities about corona virus/covid-19 in Denmark.

Map & directions:

Directions from the North
Eastern Jutland highway E45 / Horsens N / Exit 55

Directions from the West
Eastern Jutland highway E45 / Horsens V / Exit 56

Directions from the South
Eastern Jutland highway E45 / Horsens S / Exit 57

From the railway station
Kongensgade – Chr. M. Østergaards Vej 4A